Celebrating 35 Years of Community at Lathrop

On May 21, Lathrop Community celebrated a remarkable achievement—the community’s 35th anniversary and 20 years as a Kendal Affiliate.

“As the new CEO of Lathrop Community for the past six months, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful community and celebrate Lathrop’s 35th Anniversary this year! This milestone is not just a testament to our longevity but a celebration of the values we hold dear and the people who make the community vibrant and thriving”, shared Patrick Arguin.

A Community United in Celebration

“The credit goes out to our entire team. The ambiance was perfect! I think only a 36th anniversary could top that of the 35th. Truly a celebration!” shares Patrick. These sentiments are echoed by many within our community who felt the event was a resounding success.

A huge “thank you” is also given to Jennifer Kinsman, Lathrop’s Development Officer, for her dedication and meticulous efforts, which were instrumental to the success. Her commitment reflects the essence of what makes Lathrop special—the collective dedication to personal growth and community enhancement.

“I appreciate that Lathrop continues to foster a culture of personal growth for community members as we continue to enhance the experience of aging,” shares Patrick. “This culture of growth and enrichment sets Lathrop apart, making it more than just a place to live but a true community where everyone can thrive.”

Celebration Highlights

This gathering was a significant occasion, attended by approximately 125 residents, community members, board members, and staff members. The meeting and celebration commenced with a warm welcome from Patrick, followed by the inspiring video from Vassar Byrd, Kendal CEO. The video was a perfect introduction that set the tone for the day’s events, and it was met with fond memories of her visit in March.

The gathering also featured a slideshow showcasing Lathrop’s beautiful trails and a talk on the history and unique qualities of Lathrop’s land on both campuses. This was followed by the distribution of the 2023 Annual Report, which highlights the community’s achievements and future plans.

“With mindful efforts, supported by residents, colleagues, and the board, we continue to live our values individually and collectively, growing the community and helping us maintain a nearly full occupancy. This, in turn, permits us to invest in a more sustainable future,” explains Patrick. “It’s through these concerted efforts that we uphold the mission and vision year after year.”

Kathy O’Connell, Project Manager, adds, “It’s been several years since we have had a celebration, and I haven’t seen an event like this in the last decade. Staff members felt a sense of pride. It feels like a new beginning. We look forward to the next 35 years!” This sense of renewal and optimism for the future was palpable among all who attended.

A Unique Touch

One of the most memorable aspects of the event was the official adoption of SPICES (Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship—core Quaker principles) as part of Lathrop’s values. To symbolize these values, spice packets were placed on cards spelling out SPICES and scattered across the tables. This thoughtful detail added a touch of warmth and personal connection to the celebration.

Community Voices

Residents and board members shared their appreciation and reflections on the event:

  • Sharon, a resident and board member, expressed, “I know much work went into planning and executing the event. It was by far the best annual meeting we have had in my time here at Lathrop. Please share my compliments and appreciation for all who worked to make the celebration a reality!”
  • Barbara, a resident, noted, “The location at Look Park was nice, the food and camaraderie were wonderful, and the talks were about topics we understand and care about.”
  • Tinka, a resident shared, “The Lathrop Community Annual Meeting was a celebration of Lathrop’s 35 Anniversary with past and present board members, staff members and a large number of residents from both the Easthampton and Northampton campuses. Lathrop’s Affiliation with Kendal was recognized as an outstanding resource building on our strong foundation. The presentations and business reports were informative and very positive.  It was a lovely occasion.” 

These testimonials highlight the impact of the event and the deep sense of community felt by all who attended.

Looking Forward

As Lathrop reflects on the 35-year journey, the community is filled with gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead. Lathrop has always been more than just a place to live—it’s where people come together to create a meaningful, fulfilling life. As they look to the future, they remain committed to fostering personal growth, enhancing the aging experience, and building a stronger, more sustainable community.

Next Chapter

Join the Lathrop Community in celebrating this milestone and their journey towards the next 35 years.

Cheers to the next chapter of growth, community, and shared success!

Many residents at Lathrop Anniversary Gathering