The Pioneer Valley is renowned for its fresh, sustainable food.

In Your Home, Out on the Town, or At the Inn

Farms, orchards, and dairies dot the landscape and microbreweries flourish. Residents can dine off campus at a wonderful array of diverse restaurants from Northampton to Easthampton to Amherst and beyond, and shop at local organic food markets, co-ops, and farm stands.

The Inn at Easthampton also uses this local bounty—and even food from Lathrop’s own community gardens—to provide daily meals to residents. From crisp salads to hearty soups, meals are always made from scratch with healthy nutrition in mind.  What is your mood?  Roasted Salmon with Pinot Grigio and caper sauce….how about Grilled Petit Filet Mignon or Panko Crusted Cod, or Eggplant Parmesan?  And don’t forget the chocolate cake with Grand Marnier icing for dessert!.