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Purposeful Living in the Pioneer Valley

About the Lathrop Community

The Lathrop Community welcomes adults 55 and older of all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation and cultures. We are committed to creating a vibrant community for older adults and transforming the experience of aging. Our mission, vision and core values guide our interaction with residents, their family members, staff, vendors and all others.

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The Lathrop Community is an integral part of senior living in Northampton and Easthampton, Massachusetts. It is a unique destination community with nearly half of the residents moving from all around the United States to this small, distinctive community in the Pioneer Valley.

Lathrop Northampton is located on 14 acres, which adjoins 560 acres of conserved public land. More than 1 mile of trails on Lathrop land connects to miles of trails in the Fitzgerald Lake Conservation area. The Northampton Campus, built in 1988, includes 77 two-bedroom townhomes and a central Meeting House.

Lathrop Easthampton opened in 1998 after Northampton resident Jean Sheehan offered to give the community 48 acres of farmland that she owned on the Easthampton– Northampton boundary line. The campus now sits on a 175-acre tract, of which 86 acres are, or shortly will be, in conservation restriction. It boasts 3.5 miles of trails through forests and meadows, vernal pools and streams.
The Easthampton Campus includes 61 two-bedroom townhomes and 50 apartments at The Inn.

In 2004, the Lathrop Community chose to affiliate with the Kendal Corporation. The values and practices of Kendal align closely with those of Lathrop. Residents benefit from the connection with one of the most respected names in senior living, while also knowing that Lathrop embodies local priorities and preferences.

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Respect, Care and Trust

Values and Practices

The Kendal idea was initially made possible by a generous grant from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Committee on Aging in the early 1970s. Since then, Kendal has worked to transform our culture’s view of aging and of older persons, stressing the potential for fulfillment and continuing contribution during the later stages of life.

While remaining firmly grounded in the Quaker values that animate our activities, Kendal continues to move forward. Together with colleagues and caring people from many walks of life, Kendal not-for-profit communities, programs, and services work to develop new practices and models to better serve older adults.

The deep roots that sustain Kendal are found in Kendal Values and Practices. They help ensure that Kendal’s residents and staff share the spirit of community and collaboration and the respect for each individual that flow from the principles of the Religious Society of Friends.

What Drives the Lathrop Community?

Our Mission

Enhancing the experience of aging in a vibrant, supportive community influenced by Quaker values.

Our Vision

Residents, staff, and Board working together to foster a culture of

personal growth in a sustainable and evolving community.

Our Values