Lifelong Learning

The Lathrop Community has easy access to Five Colleges and More

Lifelong Learning for Lathrop Residents

The Lathrop Community has easy access to the “Five Colleges” of Hampshire County—Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, Smith and UMASS Amherst. That translates to hundreds of courses, world-class libraries and a steady stream of visiting experts.

Residents are active in Five College Learning in Retirement, an affiliate of the Road Scholar Institute Network. Peer-led seminars and workshops are the core of the program, and the variety and depth of offerings rival any place, large or small, in the country.

Lathrop Classes

Classes hosted at Lathrop are designed to engage active learners who wish to expand their knowledge, grow and evolve in later life. Some residents audit classes at nearby Smith College, or go to concerts, dance performances, flower shows and other happenings.

The benefits of interactions between Lathrop, the colleges and local organizations flow in both directions, with residents leading as well as attending these life-enriching activities.

Five Colleges Learning in Retirement