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America's seniors need our help!

America’s seniors need our help!

Senior living communities across the country have taken drastic measures to protect their vulnerable aging residents, not to mention the dedicated and compassionate staffs.

In fact, their continued health depends not only on decisiveness, coordination, but also on the availability of resources … resources that are becoming alarmingly scarce. Materials that help us stem infection among our residents—personal protective equipment (PPE)— are being used at an alarmingly fast rate.

Stores of masks and other respiratory protection will be largely depleted, leaving millions of older Americans and thousands of their direct-care supporters at increased risk for exposure.

I strongly urge businesses, our government, local institutions or private citizens with reserves of personal protective equipment to donate some of their supplies – including but not limited to face masks – to their region’s assisted living and nursing homes. Senior living communities are currently accepting supply donations. To donate, contact your local senior care providers