Lathrop Board Members Visit the Lathrop Northampton Campus

Tuesday afternoon, July 11th, was a special day at Lathrop Northampton. Members of the Lathrop Board and residents of the Northampton campus came together for a demonstration and celebration of community. The Board furnished a sumptuous array of hors d’oeuvres along with wine and cheese, while the residents provided campus tours and home hospitality.

Board members began their tours by learning about the resident maintained Butterfly Garden at the Meeting House. They then visited the Community Garden, talked with plot owners and learned about the varieties of veggies and flowers growing there. Next was the Dog Park filled with furry friends and accompanied by their owners, who were eager to highlight the specialness of each of their pets. A walk on the newly enhanced trail to the brook was a cool, green reprieve from the hot sun at the gardens.

The tour groups then visited two townhomes each, and not only were shown through the homes, but heard why and how each individual resident loves his/her home.

The tours culminated back at the Meeting House, where members of the North Art Studio eagerly explained how the studio works on this campus. Back in the Gathering Room, food was shared around well appointed tables, a resident quietly played music on the piano in the corner, and there was lively and engaged discussion on all sorts of subjects.

The fact that the individual conversations went well beyond the appointed time for the event to end was an indication of the success of the gathering. Overall the event proved to be a wonderful example and proof of ‘community’ — from the planning to the sharing.