Lathrop Resident’s Book Recounts Hardscrabble Struggles

New York Hustle book coverNov. 4, 2016—Stan Maron, who moved to a Butternut Lane home on Lathrop’s Northampton campus in late September, supported himself in his youth with a wide range of odd jobs on the streets of New York City, including garment delivery man, cabbie, waiter and street peddler. Stan’s memoir, titled New York Hustle: Pool Rooms, School Rooms & Street Corners, details a long journey of self-discovery and renewal and has won high praise.

New York Hustle is a must-read—compelling, heartfelt and beautifully written, with its savvy, and at times endearingly naïve, depictions of surviving a side of New York not often articulated in fact or fiction,” says Judith Chaffee, Associate Professor of Theatre at Boston University and Co-editor of Routledge Companion to Commedia dell’Arte.

To learn more about Stan and his memoir, take a look at the interview below with Amherst Media’s Jim Lescault.