March Art Show ~ Before & Beyond

Please join us for the March Art Show

Featuring Artist Gillian Haven

Show will run from March 1 - March 28.


We live in a shifting world, each of us stitching together our life story from fleeting moments of illumination and grace. Through the practice of painting I consider this journey.

A native of Amherst, I lived in other regions for roughly twenty years but my roots were always here. I was drawn back to the silent companionship of hills, the surprise and elation of water, the clouds that lift, unexpected openings, the sight of livestock in a field.
To paint is to pay attention to a place.

Painting it, I ponder a relationship that I have taken for granted. The gestures of geography are iconic. I seek to find the landmarks of the region that provide for me a touchstone amidst change. They have a story and continued relevance that we must not lose.