January Art Show ~ Travels

Please join us for the January Art Show.

Featuring Photographer Ellen Koteen.

Artist Statement ~

“During the process of photographing flowers, animals and landscapes, I experience joy and a sense of peace.  Capturing their natural beauty in a photograph allows me to hold on to that joy and to share it with others.  I delight in and am inspired by the detail, design and colors contained within nature.  Photography has taught me to see light, shadows and nuances with a more vivid appreciation.  My earlier work focused on macro photography and the exquisite details of flowers.  More recently and since transitioning to the use of a digital camera, my work more often depicts landscapes and animals.  I have been exhibiting my photographs since 2002 in numerous solo and group exhibits, both within the Pioneer Valley and in Prince Edward County, Ontario where I reside for five months each year.  In addition to large photographs, I have over 80 different photographic greeting cards; a sample of these will be on view and for sale at the Lathrop Community Gallery during my reception.”

Ellen Koteen